Aqua Foam, Skin Cleanser Cleansing skin is the first step to have clear and healthy skin.Aqua Foam, a rich source of active herbal cleansing ingredient bubbles, cleanses the skin completely without drying it out. With just a simple press, this lotion which is made of very gentle surface-active agents is formed into a soft foaming cleanser and […]


When the first small wrinkles, dullness and sagging skin appears, these are the early signs of aging and if it is not taken care professionally and quickly it would be very difficult to recover the youthfulness of your skin. At Jacques Andhrel we have very carefully selected active compounds that would help you prevent and slow down […]


With innovative formulation based on BuxusChinensis (moisturizer agent) and extract of Cera Alba (beeswax with a strong, protective soothing power), the night cream rich and infinitely smooth, allows and stimulates the skin during the night to regenerated and becomes more luminous on awakening. This product is specially conceived in Jacques Andhrel Laboratories to repair your […]


Fine and delicate, the area around the eyes requires gentle and special care. Constantly in motion, under the influence of aging and environment, the area around your eyes shows early signs of aging and fatigue. Poorly drained, the area around the eyes shows puffiness and dark circles sooner than other parts of your face. At […]


This cream has a smooth texture and delicate fragrance to treat hand and face’s sun spots and dark pigments. It lightens your skin and reduces the excessive pigmentation due to prolong exposure to the sun. Excessive and prolonged exposure to the sun very rapidly causes the formation of the wrinkles as well as dark pigmentations […]


Thanks to actives like sweet almond oil, known for its nourishing, soothing and Vitamin E (a strong antioxidant) qualities, with fresh and creamy texture the day cream provides an instant and sustained moisturizing effect. This special and innovative formulation containing the most effective ingredients and active compounds for the Day Cream is conceived in our […]