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Benefits & Results

When the first small wrinkles, dullness and sagging skin appears, these are the early signs of aging and if it is not taken care professionally and quickly it would be very difficult to recover the youthfulness of your skin.

At Jacques Andhrel we have very carefully selected active compounds that would help you prevent and slow down this aging process.

This cream would allow you to deeply moisturize your skin and reinforce the interior barriers to minimize the loss of moisture. In addition, this cream is rich in anti-oxidants (Resveratrol from grape extract) which would significantly improve the skin resistance to external agressions, particularly the sun aggressions. This unique and active complex also includes peptides which would singificantly help reduce the early wriknle and also retard the formation of new wrinkles.

To keep your skin appear young is of course difficult; little by little, the skin structure changes and the skin cells slow down their activities; this process is accelerated by environmental stress, sun exposure and lack of care. This is why this cream contains strong anti-oxidant capacity to help you combat these aggressions.

Fragile skin lacks skin tone, resilience and the appearance of wrinkles become more pronounced.

Concentrated active ingredients such as Buxus Chinensis (moisturizer), the Resveratrol (grape extract with very strong anti-oxidant activity) and Biopeptides specially selected, with clinical demonstration as a potent anti-wrinkle active, in this Anti-Aging Cream, smoothen and provide comfort your skin, it is an ideal preventive treatment against skin aging. Your skin will regains the youthful look.

Effective Compounds:
● Bio-Peptides
● Resveratrol
● Fucus Vesiculosus
● Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E)

Direction for use:
Apply daily to all your face and rub gently ensuring that all the cream has entered and being absorbed. Your face will appear younger and smoother. After several applications, your skin will be more refreshed and re-energized.


Fucus Vesiculosus thalle extract o Anti aging, promotes the elasticity of the skin (by stimulating the synthesis of collagen)
o Rich in Iodine (anti-radical)
o Rich in antioxidant
o Nourishes the skin
o Antivirus
o Stimulates blood circulation
Palmitoyl oligopeptide
o Stimulates the synthesis of the natural collagen of the skin (by stimulating the fibers and plastids)
o Protects the elasticity and health of the skin
o Reduces the signs of aging of the skin
(grape extract)
o Strong antioxidant activity (neutralizes free radicals)
o Stimulates the synthesis of collagen and consequently the elasticity of the skin
o Increases the firmness and softness of the skin
o Reduces early wrinkles

  • Anti-inflammatory
Jojoba Oil o Softening
o Control the sebum
o moisturizer
o Promotes the penetration of the active ingredients of the cream into the skin
Tocopheryl acetate
(Vitamin E)
o Strong antioxidant activity (neutralizes free radicals)
o Protects the skin against UV aggression
o Prevents premature aging
o Moisturizes the skin

– Prevents fine lines

– Improves wrinkles

– Promotes the synthesis of collagen and consequently the elasticity of the skin

– Is a Moisturizing and anti-inflammatory

– Usable at any time of the day

NB: in order to obtain a better result, it is advisable to use this cream in the company of Jacques Andhrel’s day and night creams.