Benefits & Results

Fine and delicate, the area around the eyes requires gentle and special care.
Constantly in motion, under the influence of aging and environment, the area around your eyes shows early signs of aging and fatigue. Poorly drained, the area around the eyes shows puffiness and dark circles sooner than other parts of your face. At the Jacques Andhrel Laboratories we have concieved a special formula with a unique combination of actives to offer you the best protection.

This innovative formula containing Ginkgo Biloba facilitates the irrigation of fluid around the eyes; Collagen is added to fight against the skin aging, offers skin resilience and helps reduce wrinkles; and a combination of very active proteins and vitamin E to allow intensive regeneration of the area around your eyes.

Eye Contour Cream refreshes the delicate area around your eyes, it is effective to smoothen, moisturize, and helps regenerate the cells and your skin around your eyes, reudces puffiness and offers you a younger look. This unique complex offers the following protection and aides your skin:
• Provides deep moisturizing effect and help the skin develop a reinforced protection against the loss of moisutre and increases the water reserve. This area will have a smoother surface by boosting the skin natural moisturising process.
• The presence of collagen and the proteins will allow your skin to maintain its youghfulness and stimulate the skin cell regeneration.
• Reduces the formation of early wrinkles .
• Offers a young look and reduces sagging of the skin. The skin will maintian its plumpness.


Directions for use:
Apply by massage your eyes area lightly in the morning and / or evening around your eyes after the removable of make-up.

Effective compounds:
● Hydrolyzed Lupine Protein
● Ginkgo Biloba Extract
● Medicaga Sativia Seed Extract
● Biopeptides

• Reduces fatigue and heaviness of the legs
• Moisturises and softens the skin

Direction for Use
Apply in the morning and night after a cool shower, by spreading the gel with a gentle massage upwards and cover the thighs until all the gel has penetrated the skin.


Hydrolyzed Lupine Protein o Improves the elasticity of the skin
o Stimulates the production of collagen
o Keeps moisture in the skin
Alfafa Seed Extract o Contains vitamins E, C, B, K
o Reduces puffiness
o Moisturizes
o Is an anti inflammatory
Ginkgo Biloba Extract o Stimulates blood circulation around the eyes
o Is an anti oxidant
o Reduces inflammation and signs of skin fatigue
Bio peptide o Acts as Collagen by firming and hydrating the skin
o Rejuvenates and prevents skin aging
Solible Collage o Compensates for the lack of collagen by stimulating the production of new collagens and increasing the firming of the skin
Vitamin E O Is an anti oxidant
o Prevents premature aging and skin wrinkles
o Keeps moisture in the skin
Jojoba Oil o Smoothes and refreshes the eye area
o Participates in the penetration of the active ingredients of the cream into the skin
Caffeine o Stimulates blood circulation
o Help with the disappearance of dark circles

– Prevents wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes
– Reduces and controls the puffiness around the eyes
– Helps treat bluish dark circles around the eyes